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Qualiserv (Group) has been established based on trust and sustainable cooperation of its partners and customers. We have created a service networks system to supply distribution the best products from the advent of innovative new technology between Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, countries in Asia and over the world. We can provide the comprehensive solutions, have to handle a lot of different information, including technical information and information which are provided by our customers. Aware of this matter, Qualiserv (Group) strives to establish and apply a system to manage information thoroughly & effectively, to ensure and to respect the value of the above information.

Qualiserv (Group) are doing and will make all effort to protect personal information of customers properly based on this policy.

1- The Purpose and Scope of collecting information

The Purpose of collecting customer information: used for Sales Dept make conversation, Technical Dept. contact for consulting or  repairing.

Customer information will be saved in Qualiserv (Group) customer list.

2- The Scope of using information

The scope of using the information related to the business department, engineering department of Qualiserv (Group). Qualiserv (Group) will collect and use personal information for properly purposes.

Qualiserv (Group) will not provide your personal information to third parties without the consent of the customer, except in special cases.

3- Time for storing information

Setting up the rules to manage  personal information and to improve continuously.

4- Contact information in Vietnam

Qualiserv Vietnam Co., Ltd

Ha Noi Head Office

Address: No. 2 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Nghia Do Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. 

Tel: +84-3791.8248 Fax: +84-3791.8249

5- Commitment to protect customer information

Qualiserv (Group) ensures that the management Dept. and all staff are aware of the importance of the protection of personal customer information and will set up the rules to manage personal information. Apply appropriately and ensure that management systems are implemented strictly. These rules will be maintained and improved continually.

We consider the personal information which have been provided by customer carefully. Based on that persuasion, Qualiserv (Group) will handle appropriately the information by establishing a management system to protect the personal information from customers. Beside, Qualiserv (Group) will not use this information for other purposes which are difference with originally intention and will implement plans to control and evaluate properly to protect personal information.

Qualiserv (Group) committed to compliance with the laws of Vietnam, guidelines and regulations related to the protection of personal information. Thus, Qualiserv (Group) will comply the separate rules based on the laws, regulations and above guildeline.


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