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Wire harness processing machines

Wire twisting machine BT 288
BT 288
Wire twister

bt 288


  • bt 288 Semiautomatic wire twister

    bt 288 Semiautomatic wire twister

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Highly efficient twisting specialist

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Two twisting lines in a single machine
  • High production speed with one operator
  • Process parameters calculated in relation to final product
  • Networking possibilities with MIKO
  • Stringent quality assessments before  production approval
  • Outstanding processing quality
  • Reliable results at all times


The bt 288 features two twisting lines, making it the perfect solution for efficient wire set processing – even where large quantities are involved.

For maximum productivity


The Komax bt 288 is based on the proven and tested technology of the bt 188 T. With a second twisting line, this semi­automatic twisting machine offers virtually double the production efficiency without any reduction in processing quality. And with its small footprint, it takes up hardly any space at all. The bt 288 calculates the cut length automatically and – in conjunction with the flat gripper option – can be used to twist three or four wires. The intuitive software (operated via touchscreen) enables you to save the twisting parameters.

The MIKO option allows networking for a fast and error-free setup of articles and a great transparency along the value chain. Automatically provided events can be used for further procedures (e.g. automatically printed labels with customer software after production of batch).


  • Flat grippers for twisting three or four wires
  • Up to three extensions (machine can be extended from 3 m up to 12 m)
  • Bottom/top feed tray
  • Table base
  • Foot pedal
  • Spacer holder for short twisted lengths
  • MIKO (Manufacturing Interface Komax)


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