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Wire twisting machine BT 188T
BT 188T
Wire twister


  • bt 188 T Wire twister - Samples

    bt 188 T Wire twister - Samples

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Highly efficient twisting specialist

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • High production speed with one operator
  • Process parameters calculated in relation to final product
  • Networking possibilities with MIKO
  • Stringent quality assessments before  production approval
  • Outstanding processing quality
  • Reliable results at all times
  • Able to automatically bind both ends with cloth or PVC tape as option
  • Able to twist three or four wires without any pitch errors as option


Superb twisting quality and high speed – these are the hallmarks of the bt 188 T semiautomatic twisting machine. It is also easy to operate, attractively priced and guarantee fantastic performance. When combined with the new optional spot taping unit, the bt 188 T binds both wire ends using cloth or PVC tape.

Maximum precision for excellent process reliability

The bt 188 T is capable of twisting two to four wires with excellent results. The parameters can be adjusted as required, which the machine then uses to automatically calculate the required cut length. For example, you can vary the final twisted length, the pitch length, the wire cross section, the outer wire diameter and the open ends. This minimizes the amount of test material consumed when setting up a new product and ensures that everything is ready for production in no time. The intuitive TopTouch user interface makes the system extremely easy to work with. New products can be programmed and existing ones loaded quick and simple. Up to 1200 different articles can be stored.

New and unique: fully automatic spot taping unit

The integrated spot taping unit is only available for the bt 188 T. The unit binds small tapes of cloth or PVC to the twisted cable ends to avoid unwinding during transport and assembly. Customers also have the option of upgrading their existing systems with this market innovation from Komax.

  • Automatic taping
  • Taping unit position kept constant in relation to center of wire
  • Both wire ends taped simultaneously

Increased quality requirements

There is a constant increase in the number of communication wires used in cars and in the level of quality demanded. However, the unwanted enlargement of open wire ends is impairing data transmission quality. The way to overcome this problem is to bind the wire ends. The automatic taping process constantly and accurately maintains the same position and ensures that the open end remains compact and within the defined specifications.

Outstanding options available with
the bt 188 T

  • A spot taping unit can be integrated to enable precise and automatic binding. This processes both wire ends simultaneously.
  • It is also possible to integrate a high-precision multi-conductor twisting unit that is capable of handling three or four wires. This produces perfect results without any pitch errors. The uniform pitch length and high level of consistency across the entire twisted wire length guarantees excellent performance every time.
  • The MIKO option allows networking for a fast and error-free setup of articles and a great transparency along the value chain. Automatically provided events can be used for further procedures (e.g. automatically printed labels with customer software after production of batch).

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