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Urethane resin clear Isamu Mirano 2K Como fast drying
Isamu Mirano 2K Como

Mirano 2K The Kokoriya series is a urethane resin clear with

excellent drying and polishing properties

Product lineup

Item name


Mirano 2K Como

 (No. 0 Hi, No. 1 Hi, Ho. 2 Hi)


Mirano 2K COMO Hardener

(quick-drying, standard, slow-drying)

3.5L, 0.9L

Blending ratio

Main agent: Hardener (hardening agent) = 5: 1



Pot life 
(useful time)

3 hours (20 ° C)

Painting method

Air spray


Mirano 2K COMO Thinner (5, 10, 20, 30, 40)

Related paint

Base Coat: High Art Next, Acro Base

- Cover around areas where priming is required, be careful not to use newspaper or water-repellent materials to shield.

- Mix Clear according to the ratio on can.

* For every 16 L Mirano 2K Como clear, 3.2 L Mirano 2K COMO Hardener is required

- Use 1.5 spray gun, pressure 1.3-1.5 bar, spray 2-3 times in descending order. Each time paint 3-5 minutes apart

- Time of dry clear depends on the amount of paint used and the ambient temperature.

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