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Wire harness processing machines

Tube cutting machine Iota 330
Iota 330
Cut and Strip

Cut and Strip

  • Iota 330 – Horizontal cable ejection channel for long cutting material

    Iota 330 – Horizontal cable ejection channel for long cutting material

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For precise cuts at all times

Simple and intuitive

  • intuitive user convenience
  • five hard keys with key functions combined with touch panel

Universal and quick

  • for various materials
  • for various diameters of up to max. 25 mm
  • for widths of up to 82 mm
  • for wire cross sections up to 35 mm²
  • for high production rates thanks to
  • parallel processing with one to four lanes

Careful and precise

  • belt drive with multiple supports
  • closing distance to the diameter of the
  • material can be manualy set
  • adjustable applied pressure

As an all-round solution in the cutting machine segment, the lota 330 has universal scope for application. The unit is designed to cut a wide variety of coiled materials to an exact length (up to 1,000 m), such as heat-shrink tubing, pneumatic hoses, cables, plastic bands and much more. The lota 330 does the job carefully and reliably while guaranteeing user-friendly operation.

Smart handling

The lota 330 is ready for use after pressing the ‘Power On’ button. The material to be cut is clamped in place according to the closing distance and applied pressure settings of the belt drive. The product length, number of pieces and batch size can be set via the touchscreen. The desired end product can be verified using the sample function, and the machine can then be started. Five buttons serving as hard keys for the most common operations, along with the touch display, enable simple handling and quick changeover for a wide range of materials without the use of any tools.

Robust, careful processing

The belt drive with multiple supports guides the material to be cut through to the cutting blade and guarantees precise positioning. The applied pressure and closing distance of the belt drive can be adjusted according to the situation at hand. The lota 330 meets all requirements expected of a reliable, robust all-purpose cutting machine. It provides excellent performance, power and quality. The compact size keeps space requirements low and enables it to be transported with ease. Maximum production output is achieved thanks to the unit’s four-lane parallel processing capability.

Options and accessories

  • Various cutting blades
  • Prefeeder, ads 112, ads 115, ads 119, F1150
  • Production table
  • Separation track for parallel processing

All-round unit with attractive design

The lota 330 is the ideal cutting tool thanks to maximum flexibility, processing reliability and precision. Prefeeders can be easy integrated. The lota 330 provides an external encoder output along with two I/O and an Ethernet connection to serve as interfaces. This robust and powerful cutting unit can deliver precise cuts for wire cross sections of up to 35 mm2 (AWG2).
The lota 330 boasts an impressive design and ergonomic values. The emphasis on clear lines makes it instantly recognizable as a product developed by market leader Komax Wire.

Can be used with various materials

  • Flat cables
  • Sheathed cables
  • Shrink tubing
  • Compressed-air hose
  • Ribbon cables

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