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Industrial Adhesives

Thermal conductive silicone YG6111,6260
YG6111, 6260
Silicone Adhesive Momentive

YG6111 is a thermally conductive silicone compound designed to provide good thermal conductivity. This combination of high purity fillers and silicones results in a smooth, homogeneous, high temperature dielectric compound.

Momentive Performance Materials thermally conductive compounds can be used in almost any industry, from electronics to automotive to aircraft to the
semiconductor industries. YG6111 and YG6260 can be used in semi-conductor devices, and thermal joints where it maintains a positive seal which improves the heat transfer. This means that your electrical and electronic components may perform their function at much lower temperatures, thereby potentially increasing their efficiency and prolonging their life. Other applications include TV anode cap seal, power transistor, diodes, rectifiers, radiator fans, heat generating parts and heat exchangers.

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