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Wire harness processing machines

Taping machine KT 800
Kabatec KT 800
Tapping machines

Taping machine KT 800


The KT 800 combines minimal cycle times with maximum precision, thereby creating new opportunities in the field of taping technology. Due to the high degree of automation and the extremely short processing times, this machine sets new standards in terms of efficiency.


Extremlely fast and innovative process

  • Maximum process speed for simple and short wire sets
  • Automatic taping process with automatic cutting
  • New innovative machine concept
  • “stationary taping roll – rotating wire set”

Precision – high level of automation

  • Controlled, programmable harness tension in axial direction (minimum tension forces, contact-friendly)
  • Controlled, programmable tape unwind force (reduces the twisting of the wires)
  • Programming of all process relevant parameters – operator-independent quality


Possibility to automate further processes

  • Print and apply labels
  • Spot taping
  • Testing



  • Centralized data storage


Technical data KT 800


Taping of simple wire harnesses, without branches

Tape material

Wide range of automotive and industrial adhesive tapes

Tape width

9 – 19 mm

Tape length

< 500 mm (optional < 1,000 mm)

Tape core diameter

1.5" and 3"

Tape outer diameter

Up to 180 mm

Cable harness diameter

Up to 10 mm

Rotational speed

100 – 2,000 rpm, programmable


Via touchpanel, color

Tape-end detection



3L/N/PE 380 - 480V AC/50-60Hz (optional: 3L/N/PE 380 - 480V AC/50-60Hz and for height adjustment 1/N/PE 90-127V - 50/60Hz)

Dimensions (H × W × D)

1.500 x 1.700 x 750 (optional: 1.500 x 2.200 x 750 mm)


440 kg

Feed rate

0 – 25 mm/rev

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