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Wire harness processing machines

Tape dispenser Zcut 10 RP
Zcut 10 RP
Auto Tape Dispenser Yaesu
Please refer below information

-       Memory Function (Six different lengths can be memorized)

-       Programing Function (Six different lengths can be programmed to cut)

-       Possible to cut two roll tapes at the same time due to Dual Photo Sensor

-       Tape Support to position a cut piece of tape for easy to take

-       Set a tape without using bobbin

-       Possible to cut non-adhesive tapes

-       Edge Folding Function

-       Build-in Separator for cutting two rolls tape, Guide Plate, and Blade Oil

Cut Length

5 - 999 mm

Folding Length

7 mm

Tape Width

6 - 60 mm

Max. Outside Dia. of Roll

300 ㎜

Tape Thickness

0.05 mm - 0.3 mm

Usable Tapes

Craft, PP, Vinyl, Filament, Glass Cloth, Double-Sided, Strapping, Protective Film, Aluminum Foil, and Others 

Feeding Speed

220 mm sec ・Approximately 50pcs/min.(in the case of cutting 100mm with craft tape)


Separator. Blade Oil. Guide Plate. Power Cord.

Rated Voltage

AC100V 50/60Hz 25W Fuse2A(AC inlet Build-in)


116 mm(W)x148 mm(H)x223 mm(D)




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