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Industrial Adhesives

Super SX720
Adhesive Cemedine
200g/tube, 333ml/tube

• Fixing of circuit boards such as condenser and coil

• Sealing of power supply and transformer for insulation

• Sealing of electronic components for waterproofing



  1. Nonflammable product (UL94V-0 listed). (File No.E178790)
  2. One-part elastic adhesive capable of curing at normal temperature and humidity.
  3. Quick initial adhesion, high tack power for various types of materials, and excellent durability.
  4. Safe and global environment-friendly adhesive.
  5. Electrical contact failure countermeasure product.
  • Contains no low molecular siloxane component.
  • Employs no halogen-based, antimony oxide, or phosphorus-based materials.
  • Employs no volatile solvents.

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