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Lubricant Oil & Cleaning

Sericience Hand Soap
Anti Rust Agent Taiho Kohzai
00507: 2,5kgs x 6bottles/00508: 2,0kgs x 6bags/00509: 16kgs x 1box

Cleans obstinate dirt stains(paint, ink, oil, etc) on hands.

Quickly washed off paint, ink and oily dirt stains on hands (Liquid Hand Soap).

Scrub particles and solvent help to clean obstinate dirt strongly. Gently care hands with pure sericin, aloe and natural herbs.

Leave your hands soft and smooth after washing.

Different from other soap powder, it is a neutral liquid soap which doesn’t cause the blockage in the drainpipe.

The package 16kgs/can and bottle of 2,0kg is economical and can be refilled.

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