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Lubricant Oil & Cleaning

Sabes SP 500/ Sabes SP 4L
00694: Sabes SP 500/00695: Sabes SP 4L
Ichinen Anti Rust Agent
00694: 500ml x 12pcs/ 00695: 4L x 4 bottles.

Removes rust from metals, removals of oxidation film such as oxidation film of concrete on steel surface and lime calcium sediment.

After removal of rust, cleans the surface by washing or wipe off by cloth. Afterwards, proceed anticorrosive treating.

Release rust from corroded and fastened bolt by several minutes penetrating.

Removing rust by dipping rusted metals into SABES for less than 10 minutes.

1: Applies evenly on corroded surface, and leave it for several minutes.

2: Afterwards, wipe rust off with waste.

3: If rust is not completely removed, repeat 1 & 2

4: After removing rust, flush the surface with the water.

5: To prevent getting rust again, use anti-corrosive agent for final anti-corrosive treatment.

  • For severe rust, scrapes coarse rust with wire brush beforehand.
  • After applying Sabes, don’t leave it for more than 10 minutes. It may cause corrosion on non rusted parts.
  • The same procedure with line calcium sediment and concrete. 

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