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Anti Rust & Coating Agent

Rust Jet
Anti Rust Agent Taiho Kohzai
00107: 420ml x 24pcs /00160: 15L x 1 can

For rust prevention and lubrication of all kinds of metal products, precision instruments, tools and surface plates.

For rust and moisture prevention on complicated wiring of electrical devices, batteries, communication equipment, computers and motors.

Prevents rusting by displacing water. Able to apply to all kinds of metals. Doesn’t corrode metal or change it color.

No interference with electrical contacts, suitable for the protection of electrical devices.

Protects coated surface from salt adhesion or corrosion on sea; prevent from corrosion caused by fingerprints.

Salt Spray Test

Over 120 hours

Indoor Rust proof

Over 24 months

Outdoor Rust proof

Not available

Film thickness

2-3 Um

Applicable temperature


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