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Industrial Adhesives

Quickly dry Adhesive for EPDM
100MW, SR, SW, Z 106
Koatsu Instant Adhesive
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CYANON was developed to meet the new demands of customer who are not satisfied with common cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Retains the property of one-component and quick curing.

it also is a cyanoacrylate adhesive which has been greatly improved in durability. Especiallt, it has excellent properties for bonding metals, and can extend the number of application.

It could be use for Metals, Rubber, Plastics, Wood,...

Impact strength of Cyanon is four times that of standard cyanoacrylate.

T-peel strength is three times that of standard type.

Hardness of cured film is as soft as polyethylene film.

Step 1:Remove dust, oil, moisture or rust from surfaces to be bonded. (Photo 1)

Step 2: Flick the tip of the nozzle to draw the adhesive in the tip back down into the bottle. (To pierce without flicking the tip of the nozzle may cause splashing of adhesive.) (Photo 2)

Step 3: Pierce top of nozzle with a pin. Keep your face away from nozzle to avoid possile slashing. (Photo 3)

Step 4: Apply a thin layer of adhesive to on surface. Appication volume of adhesive should be minimized because over applying may cause a delay in setting time or blooming. Use our exclusive polyethylene nozzle for bonding small parts. (Photo 4)

Step 5: Put parts to be bonded together and press them to ensure a close fit. Be careful not to move surface. Do not spread adhesive with fingers.


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