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Refinish automotive products

Putty with excellent heat resistance Isamu Strong putty (80, 120, 180)
Isamu Strong putty (80, 120, 180)

The strong putty series is a putty with excellent drying and polishing

properties. It is excellent in heat resistance, and forced drying after

top coating is safe.

Product lineup

Item name


Strong putty Various

 80, 80W, 80S

120, 120W, 120S

 180, 180W, 180S

3.2 kg

Pastel yellow paste


Blending ratio

Main ingredient: Paste = 100: 2 to 3

Pot life

 (useful time)

6 to 10 minutes (10 ° C.)

6 to 10 minutes (20 ° C.)

3 to 6 minutes (30 ° C.)

Painting method

With a spatula

- Make the repair site clear, dry, grease-free

- Mix Strong putty Various and Pastel Yellow Paste with blending ratio: 100g Putty: 2 to 3g Paste

- Apply the mixed material to the repair site by using a customary spatula blade. After approximately 6-10 minutes drying time (see notes on the can label), you may start to carry out the next processing step

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