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Putty Isamu Racuda Bumper
Isamu Racuda Bumper

Lacuda Bumper Putty is a highly abrasive and spatula putty. It

adheres to the PP bumper without primer. In addition, the

shrinkage after drying is small, and it is designed to be resistant to

distortion after puttying.Urethane, for PP bumpers. It is an

intermediate putty that has excellent adhesion and flexibility even

without a primer. Normal poly putty has poor adhesion to urethane

and PP bumpers. Also, because of the hard finish, cracks may occur

in the course of running. After all, bumper putty for exclusive use of

bumper is recommended. The left is a larkuda bumper putty, and

the right is a regular poly putty applied to a steel plate. When put in

a flat state, the poly pate can not follow the bending and it will break,

but the lacuda bumper pate adheres to the steel plate without


Product lineup

Item name


Racuda Bumper Putty

1 kg

Pastel yellow paste


Blending ratio

Main ingredient: Paste = 100: 2 to 3

Pot life (useful time)

8 minutes to 12 minutes (10 ° C.)

5 to 8 minutes (20 ° C.)

 2 to 4 minutes (30 ° C.)

Painting method

With a spatula

-          Make the repair site clear, dry, grease-free

-          Mix Racuda Bumper Putty and Pastel Yellow Paste with blending ratio: 100g Putty: 2to 3g Paste

-          Apply the mixed material to the repair site by using a customary spatula blade. After approximately 6-10 minutes drying time (see notes on the can label), you may start to carry out the next processing step.


※ When using it, be sure to use it together with pastel yellow paste (hardening agent).

It is possible to putty on PP bumper without primer.

(※ However, there is also a low adhesion, such as recycled bumpers, so we recommend using after separately applying underprimer) It is designed to be excellent in low shrinkage and to prevent distortion after putty. It is also flexible.

Use 2 to 3% of paste (hardener) mixed with main agent 100.

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