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Industrial Tape

Polyethylene cloth adhesive tape Teraoka No.4101
No. 4101
Teraoka Tape
50mm, 75mm, 100mm x 25m

-      For masking

-      For paint masking

-      For renovation works

-      Used in construction masking

-      Indoor masking

-      Lightweight. Easy to cut by hand. Good workability. 

-      When peeling off, tape is hard to be cut (for strong backing)

-      Adhesive strength is lower than No.4100, the adhesive residue is further improved.

-      You can also cut the lengthwise direction of the tape

-      Thin thickness. Great flexibility to bumpy surface.

 Overall thickness (㎜)


 Standard color

Light green

 Standard length (m)


 Peel adhesion (N (gf) /W25㎜)


 Tensile strength (N/25㎜)


 Elongation (%)



 Standard size: width ×length /QTY in 1ctn 
50㎜×25m/30R 75㎜×25m/24R 100㎜×25m/18R

-       P-Cut tape is a tape made from a polyethylene cloth backing that allows for easy cutting by hand. The product is also very compact.

-       No. 4101 is a polyethylene cloth tape specifically for masking.

-       Easily cut by hand, the tape also leaves little adhesive residue.

-       Made from durable materials, this tape has good adhesive residue properties.

-       Optimal for general masking and renovation works.

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