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Lubricant Oil & Cleaning

Parts & Brake Cleaner
Ichinen Anti Rust Agent
840ml/pc x 30pcs/box

Cleanse anti corrosive and cutting oil from metal parts, mold and tools.
Remove oil stains along with iron powder from hydraulic instruments or cylinders.
Remove grease stains from gearboxes and bearings.
Remove oil stain from hydraulic machinery or cylinders
Clean precision parts and machines.
Clean oi dirts surrounding automobile, forklift and brake.

A chemical cleaning agent with very low toxicity. Product is not harmful to the human.
Quickly remove oil dirts from metal, mold and precison instrument.
This agent, itself doesn't corrode any metal.
Have little effect on resin and rubber products.
Aerosol type, quick drying and bottom-up spray is convenient to clean all parts of machines.
Jumbo size, economical and cost saving 


Name % Proportion
Iso-Hexane 60-65
Propane  15-20
Ethanol 10-15
n-Butane 5-10
Iso-Butane 3 >
Carbon Dioxide 3 >

Spray on the dirty surface, mold, clean.
Products should be stored in fresh air.
Cautions: Don't use the product while electricity is on to ensure the safety.
Do not spray excessively onto rubber, plastic and paint surface

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