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Mold Release Agent

Mould release agent for Aluminum Diecasting MK-TD1
Mould release agent for Aluminum Diecasting MK-TD1
Mold Release agent Sakurai
25kg/can, 200L/drum

MK - TD1 environment-friendly aluminum alloy release agent.It’s applied in auto parts, motorcycle parts, communications , electric tools, audio  and computer accessories, etc.

                       Mold Release Agent for Aluminum diecasting  MK-TD1

Product features
1. Superior release performance 
Spraying release agent to mould surface. Effective ingredients form dense film at once. The membrane in the injection process of high pressure resistant, scouring resistance, low friction coefficient, effectively prevent die casting welded products and mould. A mould adhering to prevent product variant. Excellent lubrication performance to speed up the liquid aluminum liquidity at the same time, the liquid aluminum can rapidly forming mould. Avoid the product defects and pull.
2. Super surface finish 
Sakurai series adopts mothballed special material. Black can effectively solve the casting surface, cold water lines and avoid to produce too much. Can solve the products after processing, such as: polishing and electroplating and other problems.
3. The full protection mould
Sakurai release agent in die surface to form a layer of protective film. Effectively reduce the liquid aluminum to the mould of heat and mechanical impact. Correct selection of high quality mould release agent can effectively protection, prolong the life time of the mould, reduce the repairing mould.
4. No carbon performance
Sakurai release agent used is very easy and convenient operation. No carbon deposition, no scale and does not produce scale. Reduce the province model number and cleaning the mould, the product surface is bright and clean, bright, does not affect the subsequent spray plating, polishing and surface treatment.
5. High temperature resistant performance is superior
Sakurai release agent has good thermal stability and chemical stability. In the use of temperature range no oxidation, no burning, no corrosion mould and surface decomposition residues. Even at 300 ℃ high temperature, weight first few (thermo-gravimetric not more than 10%). To ensure that under the condition of high temperature, on the mould forming strong demoulding membrane, used as high temperature sintering so, reach the role of lubrication and demoulding.
6. Good cooling effect
Sakurai release agent in die casting process control because the mould have been high temperature liquid metal heating temperature rising, high mould temperature to make die casting defects. Such as: sticky mould, blistering, cracking, and burned. High temperature for a long time the mould at the same time work to the mould material strength decreased, causing the deterioration of service life and die crack.
7. High safety performance
Sakurai release agent non-toxic, non-flammable, no corrosion, no chemical reaction. In the process of use do not contain harmful smoke. Mould and product surface without residue, clean and simple maintenance, a wash namely net, does not affect the subsequent processing.



Milky liquid


Little smell

Using temperature


Flash point(COC)

Not apply

Freezing point




Refraction coefficient@20℃





1. The recommended (dilution ratio) : general processing: 1:100 ;complex processing1:80, please according to the technology personnel deployment test concentration, finally to determine the best dilution ratio! 
2. If more than the typical usage beyond please contact us for technical support. 
3. Mix with water after use (will concentrate the water diluted). 
4. Please use pure water to dilute, helps to prolong the life of working liquid, reduce the use amount of concentrate, fully reflects the performance of the process fluid. 
5. Unless the technical service allows, may add other material to concentrate and diluent. 
6. The concentration of control may be achieved through the refractometer and refraction coefficient of diluent concentration percentage. 



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