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Mold Release Agent

Mould Release Agent for Polyurethane(PU) Synthetic Wood MK-FW303
Mould Release Agent for Polyurethane(PU) Synthetic Wood MK-FW303
Mold Release agent Sakurai
25kg/can, 160kg/drum

This product is a release agent for PU hard bubble and Semi-rigid PU, mainly used for the PU imitating wood furniture、PU flowerpot、PU photo frame、PU marble pillar and so on.Good at demould and convenience to clean the product,easy to japannin


This product is a release agent for PU rigid foam and Semi-rigid PU,mainly used for the PU imitating wood furniture,
PU flowerpot,PU photo frame,PU marble pillar and so on.Good at demoulding and convenience to clean product, easy  to  paint and varnish.Topical  type  is  suitable for Polyurethane molding,major to use in the hard buller and Semi-rigid production line.The mold temperature is in 30℃~80℃.



Hydrocarbon,separation reagent and

polymer composite spray release agent

Appearance Milky White Liquid
Density 0.82 g/ml
Flashing Point >120°C


This product is suitable for non air or has air assisted spray equipment,also can be used for hairbrush or  contton cloth to scrub.It is better to shake up before the production-manufacturing.

1. Use  the  corresponding  mould cleaning agent or other suitable solvent

To Clean the mould, to clean the residual release agent or other pollutant, 

And use  the  clean  contton  cloth,  use  the benzoline  or  the chlorinated  

Solvent to wipe and keep in the dry air.

2.During the normal operating temperature,painting on the mould 4-5 times

Each paint need to ensure that has a whole thin film on the mould.

3.Start the mold manufacturing.

4.After each perfusion demoulding, need to paint a whole thin film on the

Mould, to make sure next time can be easy to demoulding.

Keep  the  container  leak-tight ,  to prevent  the solvent  volatilize, storage 

In 20°C-38°C, to  make  sure  the  maximum impact, avoid freeze.correct

Use   method ,   this  product  has  a  lower  degree  dangerousness .  the 

Expirtation date is about 12months.

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