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Mold Release Agent

Mold release agent for Zinc alloy die casting MK-TG
Mold release agent for Zinc alloy die casting MK-TG
Mold Release agent Sakurai

Mold release agent for Zinc alloy die casting MK-TG is environment-friendly. It’s applied in auto parts, motorcycle parts, communications , electric tools, audio  and computer accessories, etc.

 Mold release agent for Zinc alloy die casting MK-TG

⊙Product Features

1.No carbon deposition performance
There will be no carbon deposition or oxide scale on the mould or casting surface, do not affect the subsequent surface treatment such as electroplating ,flame plating, etc.

2.Excellent demolding performance
Spray die casting mould release to the mould surface then effective components immediately form dense membrane, the membrane in the injection process effectively prevent die-casting products and the mould glue together.
3.Good cooling effect
Useing the die-casting mould release agent and setting the mould temperature in 160-200 ℃, the mould will not cracks caused by heat and cold stress, which shortens the work cycle.
4.High temperature resistant and excellent lubricating performance
Die casting mold release agent film uniformity, not accumulation, casting surface bright and no splash. Die releasing agent for high temperature mold surface has good adhesion, can in the mold temperature up to 200DEG C under the condition of operation.
5.Cleaner & safer environments
Die-casting release agent is non-toxic, no burning, no corrosion, no chemical reaction, and in the useing process there will be no harmful smoke or smell, you can have a cleaner & safer environment
6.Clean and smooth castings
No residue on the casting surface, easy for clean and maintenance .
⊙Data sheet

Smell Low odor Density (H2O) 1.10 PH
Appearance Yellow color liquid The use of temperature 200℃-300℃
Flash point (COC) Not applicable Refraction coefficient@20℃ 1.2
Freezing point -10℃ Ph (5% dilution) 7

⊙Deployment description
1. The recommended dose (dilution ratio) : general processing: 1:120, complex processing: 1:100, please according to the technology personnel deployment test concentration, finally to determine the best dilution ratio! 
2. The general operation usage: 1:100~120 diluted with water
3. If more than the typical usage beyond please contact us for technical support. 
4. Mix with water after use (will concentrate the water diluted). 
5. Please use deionized water to dilute, helps to prolong the life of working liquid, reduce the use amount of concentrate, fully reflects the performance of the process fluid.   
6. Unless the technical services allow outside, can not add other material to concentrate and diluent. 
7. The concentration of control may be achieved through the refractometer and refraction coefficient of diluent concentration percentage.
⊙Usage notice
1.Die-casting mould release agents must use pure water dilution, dilution ratio 1:100-1:120 times,gently shake or stir well can use; Dilution ratio according to the complexity of the casting and mould deep make appropriate adjustments.
2.The spray gun or automatic system, pay attention to spray evenly and blow dry.
3.Mould the best temperature 160 ℃ to 200 ℃.
4.Die-casting mould release agent under normal temperature storage, pay attention to prevent frostbite prevent bask in, after opening attention hermetic seal good keeping.


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