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Mold Release Agent

Mold Release agent WFR- 53S
WFR- 53S
Mold Release Aoki Science

Water-free lubricant for aluminium/zinc/magnesium die-casting mold. Excellent adhesion efficiency with the minimum spray amount can be achieved, and WFR can form the enough releasing and lubricating film under high die temperature.

Dầu chống dính khuôn đúc áp lực nhôm, kẽm, magie WFR- 53S 
High performance

Excellent die releasing performance with 1/1000 amount of conventional lubricant, applicable materials: Alminum, Zinc, Magnesium, suitable for normal die casting process to squeeze casting

Eco friendly

No emulsifier contained, no dilution type: nothing any environmental hormones, quite low flammability due to high flash point (93 degree C) and small amount of use.

Quality improvement

No defective caused by remained water in cavity: significant improvement of reject rate, reduction of porosity rejects, excellent reproducibility of die casting products because of less wear for die surfaces.

Costs reduction

Good use for a minimum volume spray: reduction of liquid waste disposal cost, no air blow after spray, extended die life from 3 to 10 times, improvement of production efficiency resulted from decreased warm up shots and short cycle interruptions.

Please contact with our company to refer more detals of how to use this products.

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