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Mold Release Agent

Mold Release agent Daifree GW-200
GW 200
Mold Release Agent Daifree
1 kg/can, 15 kg/can

Daifree GW-200 is fluorine-based release agent. Unlike other kinds of mold release agent, Daifree has excellent release performance with a thin and dry film. It can be applied to all kinds of rubber and plastic materials, especially items requiring high quality. 

Display excellent result for molding rubber and plastics

Fluorocarbon properties provide extremely effective mold releasing capabilities

Optimal for molding electric parts because the surface of the molded article does not become sticky

Improves working efficiency owing to cleaner mold surfaces

Reduction in the defect ratio for molded articles and improved dimensional accuracy 

A thin coating is sufficient, and effectiveness lasts for a long period of time 

A variety of grades to choose form

All grades are PFOA-free products

Methods of use

Spray on mold surface: Cleaning the mold. Shake the bottle 5-10 times and spray on the mold surface. The distance between the mold surface to release agent bottle should be 25-30 cm.

Mold cleaning method: Ít best to use alkali cleaning agent to remove the release agent. Other agents such as IPA, Toluene, Acetone can also be used 

Application temperature: Room temp up to 200° C


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