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Lubricant Oil & Cleaning

Mold Cleaner for Aluminum Mold Die Casting
Cleaner Taiyo Chemical

-This cleaning agent is ideal for cleaning metal molds for rubber and steel (or stainless steel) parts and for removing carbon. 
-It cannot be used for aluminum, zinc, and any other material that dissolves in strong alkaline solution. 

This agent is a mild type cleaner. 
-This agent does not fall under the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law. 
Therefore, it may be used as a general chemical product.
1:While Cleaning 2:After Cleaning


SUNECON KR-303's product for automatic washer

Machine Cleaning-Spray Cleaning-Air Blow(removing liquid)-Rinse with water.-Air Blow (removing water)-Rust Prevention.Release agent


Storage after cleaning

SUNECON X813A helps prevent rust on non-coated molds over the long term. This can be done by immersion or spraying

Handling Mold Cleaning Agent

-Mold cleaning agents such as KR-303 and KR-303H are highly concentrated alkaline solutions.
-For more details about safety and related laws and regulation, please refter to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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