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Industrial Adhesives

Mold, jig silicone
TSE350, CE62
Silicone Adhesive Momentive
1kg/can, 10g/pcs

The solution TSE350, 3502, 3504 are used together with CE62 for producing mold or jig that are widely used in manufacturing wires, connectors, ..


Appearance Light gray

Viscosity (23°C) Pa·s {P} 12 {120}

Curing agent CE62

Mixing ratio wt % 0.5

Viscosity after mixing (23°C) Pa·s {P} 10.0 {100}

Pot life (23°C) h 1.0


Appearance Elastic rubber, Light gray

Density (23°C) g/cm3 1.18

Hardness (Type A) 47

Tensile strength MPa {kgf/cm2 } 2.5 {25}

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