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Anti Rust & Coating Agent

Micro Check (Cleaner, Penetration, Development)
JIP 00141 , 00143, 00145
Anti Rust Agent Taiho Kohzai
420ml x 24 pcs/box

Micro Check is a one-touch aerosol spray of flaw detection agent for various materials such as metal ( magnetic, non-magnetic), non-metal(glass, ceramics), detecting cracks in welded points, forged parts and metal fatiges and inspecting leakages in tanks, boilers, pipes and others



It consists of 4 steps:

1. Clean the inspecting surface with Micro Check Cleaner
2. Spray Micro Check Penetration on inspecting surface.
3. Remove excessive Penetration with a cloth soaked with Micro Check Cleaner.
4. Spray Micro Check Development on the surface 

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