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Anti Rust & Coating Agent

Leak Foamer /NK Foamer
25240 Leak Foamer/23362 NK Foamer:
Anti Rust Agent Taiho Kohzai
25240 Leak Foamer: 345g x 24pcs/ 23362 NK Foamer: 15kgs x 1can

Applicable to various gas piping, welded joint part of equipment and connecting parts.

For detecting refrigerant gas leakage from pipe jointing parts of machines such as  air-conditioner and refrigerator.

For detecting gas leakage of town gas, propane gas, gas of industrial pipes and containers.

Gas leakage check for pneumatic brake piping of automobile.


Easily detects gas leakage by creating bubble. Bubbling even slight leakage.

Non-flammable and no risk by chemical reactions.

Cleared the JIS-Z2329 (Methods of bubble leaking testing) foaming at a 30 UM hole, under 4-5 x 103Pa different pressure.

Neutral type.


Outward Appearance

Colorless Transparent Liquid

Applicable Temperature

Normal Temperature



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