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Wire harness processing machines

Komax Crimp to Crimp Gamma 255
Gamma 255
Crimp to crimp

Top-quality processing over a uniquely broad range of cross-sections. This fully automatic crimping machine excels in simplicity of operation and flexibility. No matter what the task, from double side, crimping to twisting, fluxing and tinning, the Gamma 255 carries it out with compelling process control and minimal changeover times. In spite of its compactness, this device has fully integrated quality-monitoring and feed systems as part of its standard equipment.

The Komax Gamma 255 is a flexible fully automatic crimping machine for efficient wire processing. It processes cross-sections in a range from 0.0123mm²/AWG36 to 2.5mm²/AWG14 in excellent quality. It is compatible with all commercially available applications. It also handles double side crimped wires as short as 20mm.

Gamma 255 – fully automatic crimping machine

  • Processing of a larger range of cross-sections
  • Double side crimping or twisting, fluxing, and tinning (even lead-free)
  • Can handle double side crimped wires as short as 20mm
  • Minimal footprint thanks to a compact design
  • Readily accessible

Technical data:

Length range

15 – 10000 mm

Length accuracy

Up to 500 mm: ± 1 mm
> 500 mm: ± 0.2% of the wire length

Strip length

0.1 – 15mm (0.0039in.–0.59in.)

Wire cross-sections*

0.0123 – 2.5 mm² (AWG36 - AWG14)

Wire draw-in speed

max. 3 m/s

Noise level


Electrical connection

3×208 - 400V 50/60Hz
1×230V 50/60Hz

Pneumatic connection

4 – 6 bar

Air consumption

3 m³/h


870 kg gross (with packaging)

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us via 024 3791 8248 (Ha Noi) and 028 62910432 (Ho Chi Minh City)

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