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Wire harness processing machines

Kabatec KTR10
Tapping machines

Taping machine KTR 10


Compact, user-operated taping machine for simple and prefixed cable harnesses



Attractive introduction to automated taping

  • Excellent value for money
  • Simple operation and low training requirements
  • Compact, low-maintenance and reliable machine design

High quality thanks to machine-guided taping process

  • Maintenance of specified overlap through defined roll-feed
  • Consistent tape tension and guidance guarantee wrinkle-free taping compared to manual taping

High productivity with simple cable harnesses

  • Winding speed two to three times higher compared to manual devices
  • Up to 25 % material savings compared to manual processing

Version with open winding head available

  • Economical processing of long cable harnesses with long branches
  • Significantly faster handling for longer cable harnesses compared to a closed winding head



  • Tape-end detection
  • Linear guidance to maintain uniform overlap at start of cable
  • Tape unwinding device (to reduce twisting with small cable diameters)
  • Height-adjustable winding table
  • Customer-specific winding tables for different taping requirements
  • Double taping – processing of two sections of tape simultaneously; e.g. aluminum PVC
  • Device for processing tapes with carrier films


Technical data KTR 10


bandaging of simple or pre-fixed cable sets with a small number of branches

Tape material

Wide range of automotive and industrial adhesive tapes (optional: double bandage with non-adhesive aluminium tape)

Tape width

9 - 38 mm (38 mm width with special configuration)

Tape outer diameter

Up to 180 mm

Tape core diameter

1.5" and 3"

Rotational speed

100 – 1,000 U/min, speed control continuously via foot pedal

Winding head

Open or closed, placed automatically in tape attachment position

Feed rate

0 – 70 rpm, continuously adjustable roll-feed

Feed operation


Cable harness diameter

< 20 mm (Optional: < 40 mm)


L/N/PE 210 - 240V AC/50-60Hz +-10%
(optional: L/N/PE 100 - 120V AC/50-60Hz +-10%)

Dimensions (H × W × D)

645 x 657 x 832 mm


145 kg

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