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Mold Release Agent

Internal Addition Mold Release Agent for Epoxy Resin MK-600
Internal Addition Mold Release Agent for Epoxy Resin MK-600
Mold Release agent Sakurai

Sakurai MK-600 is our internal mold release agents using the latest production technology and the latest environmentally friendly formula, can effectively remove various harmful substances, non-HAP and PAHS and various 
heavy metals, by ROHS, REACH lates

1.The correct product 

Directly within SAKURAI release agent mixed with the resin, can provide 

Lubrication in the mold opening, so that the extrusion member faster and

Reduces die wear.

2.Good stability 

At mold surface can be rapidly formed,the mold surface with good adhesion,  no accumulation in the mold and the product surface.

3.Excellent lubrication 

Film uniformity, smooth filling the slurry into the cavity, while greatly

Reducing friction between the mold product,making the product more 

Smoothly stripping and extend tool life.

4.Very low odor performance

Smell very gentle, non-irritating odor generated in operating, 

Maintaining good environmental workshop.

5.Good safety performance 

Does not contain any harmful ingredients, the human body without harm.
6.Good cleaning performance 
Mold surface is almost no residue, cleaning and maintenance is simple, 

Does not affect the smooth surface coating products.

Data sheet

Appearance Colorless or light yellow liquid
Viscosity 300Cs-350Cs
Demolding force N100㎡-≤40
Temperature 70℃-250℃
Water content Ppm-≤300

1.First with a suitable solvent or cleaning agent thoroughly cleaned mold release  agent  to  remove the old residual or other dirt then wipe with a clean cloth or towel.

2. Internal  mold  release agents ,  mold  release  system  can  help  the other Ingredients  for  a  long time  to  keep  the  mold  surface  clean to avoid   surface  deposition .Provide  internal  mold r elease agent  within the  resin  is  added  as a percentage of  the production of raw materials into  production  resin  provides  internal  lubrication

3.Press 2% -3% of the release agent added to the resin liquid inside,and stir well.
4.To be heated or molded epoxy finished out of the box.

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