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Industrial Adhesives

Instant adhesive Aron Alpha 201
Aron Alpha 201
Adhesive Toagosei
20g/tube; 50g/tube; 1kg/bottle

Aron Alpha 201 is a general purpose instant adhesive technology. Particularly suited for bonding a wide variety of materials including elastomers, metal and plastic. Versatile formula for most application needs and requirements.

Aron Alpha® 201 is an instant glue with alpha cyanoacrylate as the main ingredient.
It can cure in a matter of seconds after the liquid form of cyanoacrylate reacts with the air or water content on the surface of the adherend.

Instant glueAdhesion is achieved in a matter of seconds, enabling ultra-efficient adhesion.

Excellent workability

It is a one-liquid type with superior workability because it can bond at room temperature.

Strong adhesion

It adheres strongly to a wide variety of materials.


It does not contain organic solvents and has low toxicity.

Wide range of products

We carry a wide range of products in the series, from low viscosity to gel type.
Products can be selected by application and function such as an impact-resistant type and a flexible type.


Color: Colorless
Viscosity: 2cps

Time setting: 10 seconds

Temperature: Room temperature

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, must be packed carefully without air after using.

Please contact with our company to refer more detals of how to use this products.

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