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Mold Release Agent

Heicast A & Heicast B
Moulding H & K
1kg/can, 16kg/can

Ornament, automobile, toy, rrepair, spare parts, industrial plastic parts, model, jigs

Heicast 3000 Series

2 liquid polyurethane casting material with the characteristics of low viscosity and fast hardening, and is widely used in the fields of ornament, automobile repair, spare parts, toy, industrial plastic parts preproduction model, jigs, etc

Especially the vacuum casting high physical-performance series, similar to the physical performance of various kinds of industrial plastic, fast increase the development speeed in preproduction department, and make great contributions to every industry.

Casting method

Mixing the 2 liquid Heicast A and B together

Pour the mixed liquids into the mold

Wait 30 mins until the liquid hardens

Remove the silicone mold/frame and take out the product

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