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Anti Rust & Coating Agent

Fluo Lub Grease
Fluo Lub
Fukugo Shizai Lubricants
100ml/bottle, 10 bottle/box

A dry film lubricant in which a fluoropolymer is dispersed in a fluorine-based solvent. Ideal for lubrication of areas such as die ejector pins and slides where oil adhesion is not desired.

It can also be used for the following purposes.
○Lubrication of sliding parts and gears of electronic devices, office automation equipment, home appliances, automobile interior parts, etc.
○Prevention of squeaking noise at parts joint
○Lubrication of various bearings
○Lubrication for contact switches: Does not generate insulating material due to high temperature and discharge found in Si
○Masking: Masking for film capacitor deposition
○Sealant: Sealant with inert fluid
○Excellent in optical properties with low refraction such as antifouling coating and fingerprint prevention
○Mold release when molding various resins and rubber

Feature Ingredients Regulation

・Dry lubrication film
・No impact on rubber/plastic
・Non-flammable and highly safe

Fluorine solvent



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