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Industrial Adhesives

Epoxy Adhesive
Adhesive Alteco

Strong and durable 2-component type for various manufactures

Alteco’s 2-component adhesives are not only outstanding in adhesive strength but also durable against harsh environment such as heat, water, climate and drug.
Wide range of our epoxy adhesives have been utilized with trust in these manufacturing fields but not limited to furniture, automobile, electricity, ship and many maintenance processes.

Outstanding bond

Applicable to most industrial materials, especially for metal, concrete, porous materials like wood and others

Excellent durability

Highly resistant to heat, moisture, weather, drug and other severe conditions

Low shrinkage

Solvent free and extremely low shrinkage due to after curing

Excellent insulator

No conducting electricity, working as reliable insulator

Environmental friendly

Low formalin, eco and health conscious / JAIA F★★★★ and 4VOC conformed

Applicability Features Applicable Products
Fast curing ・Curing in 5 to 30 minutes, quickly reaching to high adhesion strength
・F-05C and F-30C are transparent
Clear / for casting ・Transparent and anti-yellowing
・Suitable for bond, casting, potting and coating
Heat resistant ・Excellent heat and drug resistance
・Strongly curable at room temperature
Wide use Bonding various materials such as metal, wood, ceramic, rigid plastic and others 6100
Cartridge type ・Cartridge type, no weighing and mixing required
・Bonding concrete, stone, ceramic, metal and others
Peel resistant / 
Flexible type ※
・Excellently resistant to peel, impact, coldness and cooling / heating cycle
・Rigidly adhering most industrial materials

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