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Industrial Adhesives

Elastic Adhesvie
elastic adhesive
Adhesive Cemedine
333ml/catridge, 1 kg/set

Based on the special silicone modified polymer, Cemedine elastic adhesive series is a multi-function adhesive, featuring robust rubber-like elasticity and adhesiveness over an extensive range. The elastic adhesive uses a combination of flexibility and robustness to solve the problems of "being hard and brittle" found in the conventional adhesives featuring heat resistance and durability, and lack of heat resistance and durability found in soft adhesives such as rubber and vinyl adhesives, thereby making a significant contribution in all industrial arenas.

1.Adhesives formed into rubber-like elastic bodies
  • Absorb external vibration and shock.
  • Absorb thermal strain such as expansion and shrinkage (highly resistant to heat cycle).
  • Have little stress to be concentrated on bonding interfaces.
  • Adhere materials of different types having big differences in linear expansion coefficients.
  • Allow adhesion with substrate having small surface strength (plaster board, calcium silicate board, ALC, etc.).
  • Exhibit great peeling adhesive strength.


Torsional free damping elasticity measurement data

The glass transition point of the elastic adhesive (Tg) is -60 degrees Celsius, as shown in the above drawing. Curing film of the elastic adhesive exhibits flexible rubber-like elasticity within -60 to 100°C, a temperature range severer than the general working temperature range for adhesive bondage, bringing about excellent results in various types of bonding characteristics.

2.Adhesive providing stability for all environments

The elastic adhesive featuring flexible and robust elastic film serves to distribute and absorb internal stress, and provides stable adhesive strength in all environmental changes, exhibiting excellent balance.

3.Superb adhesiveness for plastic materials

Epoxy resin elastic adhesives PM165, PM200, PM210 and EP001 provide superb tensile shear strength for plastic materials.
The EP001 has allowed adhesion of the engineering plastics which could not be bonded in the conventional method.


List of one-part elastic adhesive

Product namePM100PM155PM165PM300
Characteristics The product has the
excellent elongation.
Primer MP1000 is used.
Low pollution to natural
Both adhesion and sealing
Primer M2000 is used.
Non-primer·Quick curing
and multiple applications.
Low pollution to natural
Excellent adhesion also
suited to plastics.
Elastic adhesive 
is used
in combination 
with liquid
nail; only 
pressing is
without the
need for mixing 
or temporary
fixing. (Cemedine
PEG method)
Application Adhesion of the 
materials easily 
broken by
external forces.
Adhesion of 
materials having 
small surface
strength --- plaster boards, calcium silicate
boards, ALC 
boards, etc.
Adhesion of large 
sized panels.
Adhesion on 
the ground having convexes
and concaves, 
and surfacings.
Adhesion which requires
quick curing,
multiple applications,
and versatility, and
Creep characteristics
improved by applications
given on the
Adhesion of 
nails and
screws which
cannot be held 
For various repairs: polyvinylchloride
wash board,
name plate, 
polyvinylchloride tile.
Product form One-part mastic adhesive Elastic mastic
Base Special 
silyl group
Special polymer containing
epoxy and silyl groups
Base resin
Special silicone
modified polymer

Appearance White paste Ivory paste
Gray paste
Gray paste Whitepaste Transparent-
400 350 320 130 -
Usable time
20min 20min 10 to 15min 30min (initial curing 
in 10 seconds
to 5 minutes when 
used in
combination with 
liquid nail)
Tensile shear
0.90N/mm2 2.10N/mm2 2.10N/mm2 2.00N/mm2
T type peeling
4.70N/mm 4.70N/mm 1.20N/mm 5.10N/mm
Elongation 200 180 100 170 (Base resin)
(Shore A)
28 45 48 35 (Base resin)
Formaldehyde grade
Capacity standards 333ml cartridge
4liter pail can
24kg pail can
320ml clean pack
333ml cartridge 333ml cartridge
4liter pail can
24kg pail can
500ml film pack
(170ml + 20ml of 
liquid nail)
Sold separately
(333ml cartridge)
Sold separately
(50ml liquid nail)

Note: For curing properties, elongation conforms to JIS K6251.

Two-part adhesive

Product namePM200 (PM210)EP001
Characteristics Highly durable adhesive
PM200: anti-flow type
PM210: flow type
Flow type featuring great high shear
and peeling strength.
Initial curing in 30 minutes/1kg
Application Adhesion of different types of materials having different heat expansion coefficients.
Adhesion of the materials easily broken by shock, vibration and other external forces (large sized tiles, wall glass, thin stone materials).
Adhesion of materials having small surface strength.
Adhesion of various types of panels as building materials (plaster boards, ALC, etc.).
Adhesion of positions having noticeable temperature changes.
Application required to have high peeling and
shear strength.
Adhesion of different types of materials having
different heat expansion coefficients.
Adhesion at positions subjected to great vibration
and stress changes.
Adhesion of engineering plastics.
Product type Two-part mastic adhesive Two-part quick curing adhesive
Base Base resin: epoxy resin, curing agent: modified silicon epoxy matrix
Base resin
White paste
Curing agent
Light black paste
Base resin 
Colorless agent
Curing agent
liquid Light yellow liquid
Viscosity (Pa・s/23°C) PM200:270
15 18
Standard mixing ratio
(weight percentage)
Base resin: Hardener = 1 : 2 Base resin: Hardener = 1 : 1
WorkabilityUsable time 30min 10min
Pot life 120min. (3kg mixed at 23°C) 20min. (200g mixed at 23°C)
Tensile shear
5.40N/mm2 10.8N/mm2
T type peeling
3.90N/mm 4.30N/mm
Curing propertiesElongation 140 200
(Shore A)
62 78
Formaldehyde grade
Capacity standards 3kg set
Base: 1kg Hardener: 2kg
40g set (Base: 20g, Hardener: 20g).
320ml set (Base: 160ml, Hardener: 160ml).
2kg set (Base: 1kg, Hardener: 1kg).

Note: For curing properties, elongation conforms to JIS K6251.

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