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Wire harness processing machines

Cut and strip machine Kappa 330
Kappa 330
Cut and Strip

Cut and Strip

  • Single Head (Standard)

    Single Head (Standard)

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Single head with versatile processing range

  • Cutting to length and stripping from 0.22 – 35 mm² (AWG 24 – 2) cables.
  • Processing of cable cross-sections up to 35 mm², multipole conductors up to Ø 16 mm (0.63 in.). Even short cables or ribbon cables up to 40 mm (1.6 in.) wide can be processed without any problems.
  • Innovative sensor technology as set-up aid and process monitoring.

Dual head for even more productivity

  • The dual-head version of the Kappa 330 has a double-blade stripping unit.
  • With the double-blade stripping unit, various special knives can be used simultaneously for cutting and stripping.
  • Particularly challenging wires can be processed quickly and precisely using special blades.
  • Together with further options, the dual-head Kappa 330 offers three processing steps in one pass.

Optional separating unit

  • Several (also twisted) inner conductors can be separated quickly and gently - without loss of quality.
  • Using the patented Komax roller system, the wires are pressed apart in a particularly gentle way.
  • The forward and reverse function of the rolls allow even short wires to be processed with ease.

Optional slitting unit

  • programmable depth adjustment
  • fully controllable via touch operation
  • high benefit

The Kappa 330 convinces with its wide processing spectrum. It is available as Single Head or Dual Head, whereby the Single Head can be converted to a Dual Head. Two blade variants are available simultaneously as Dual Heads. With optional slitting unit, inner conductor and ribbon cable processing, the Kappa 330 is perfect for customers who want to process a wide range of cables.



Efficient and productive

The Kappa 330 machine is distinguished by its cutting force, high volume output and advanced sensor technology. The simple and intuitive operation makes it extremely efficient.

Field of application

All the machines in the Kappa product family boast an extremely broad processing spectrum. The flexible operation and controls allow you to set up even difficult-to-process materials quickly and easily. The changeover to new types of wires is tool-free and
therefore extremely fast.


Sensor technology

Thanks to the automatic wire diameter and cross-section detection, new wire materials can be set up and parameterized at the push of a button. This unique measuring principle reduces the time-consuming setup to an absolute minimum. The optical cable detector also makes cut losses a thing of the past. The same sensor continuously monitors the processing during production, enabling wire ends and transport errors to be recognized as early as possible.

Peripherals and interfaces

Integration of wire feeder systems, printers, active deposit units and much more is standardized and therefore extremely easy. Particular attention has been paid to the integration and control of the inkjet and laser marking systems. Data backup, software updates and the import of CSV product data are all carried out via a USB stick.

TopWin Kappa – enhanced capabilities

The TopWin Kappa operating software enhances the capabilities and functionality of Kappa machines via a clear-to-use PC user interface. This controls among other things the inkjet or laser printing in multiple positions, mirror printing, double-sided labeling of preprinted wires, including logo marking and much more.

Perfectly networked

TopWin Kappa can be easily integrated into networks via the WPCS interface, including existing user networks, for example. The production-control room software also enables centralized data management, production control and production monitoring.

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