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Wire harness processing machines

Cut and Strip machine Kappa 350
Kappa 350
Cut and Strip

Kappa 350

Cut and Strip

  • Easy integration of wire feed systems, printers and deposit trays.

    Easy integration of wire feed systems, printers and deposit trays.

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The automatic cut and strip machine for large wire cross sections

  • Cut and strip from 2.5 – 120 mm² (AWG 14 – AWG 5/0)
  • High performance
  • Easy and flexible operation via touchscreen interface
  • Innovative sensor technology to aid setup and process monitoring
  • Minimal wire loss as a result of sensor monitoring
  • Easy connection of upstream and downstream devices
  • TopWin connection
  • Networking with company network

The Kappa 350 is a power pack machine that uses the double-blade principle to processround conductors up to 120 mm² and a maximum outer diameter of 35 mm. It has either a belt drive or various drive rollers available for wire transport. A switchable pressure unit adjusts the contact pressure of the drive unit to suit the processing step. Sophisticated sensor technology ensures that cut losses are eliminated. These are of particular consequence in the upper cross-section range.



The powerful belt drive guarantees careful processing across the full cross-section range. The sensors are also combined with a length measurement encoder to provide optimal process monitoring and accuracy. Precuts are automatically minimized.

Sensor technology

For automatic conductor detection, a sensor using an inductive measuring principle automatically determines the conductor diameter. This shortens setup and changeover times considerably and reduces operator errors. An optical measurement principle using lasers and CCD lines determines the outer diameters of the wires and also checks that the wire is present during processing.

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