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Wire harness processing machines

Cut and Strip machine Kappa 320
Kappa 320
Cut and Strip

Cut and Strip

  • Kappa 320 Wire stripping machine

    Kappa 320 Wire stripping machine


Kappa 320 – keeps all options open

The Kappa 320 stands out with its broad spectrum of possibilities for processing wire cross-sections of 0.05 mm² up to 10 mm²:

  • extremely precise and powerful blade axis design
  • comparable wire length measurement with automatic length compensation
  • wire feed parts can be changed without tools
  • changeover times reduced through unique sensors
  • memory for process parameters, applied pressure valves and cable diameter
  • processing set for short wire lengths starting from 30 mm


High-performance, even for small cross-sections.


Cutting force, high volume output and advanced sensor technology make the Kappa machines the number one choice for automated cutting and stripping, even for smaller wire cross-sections. The machines can be used very efficiently thanks to their simple, intuitive control elements.

Wide range of applications

The Kappa product family stands out thanks to its extremely broad processing range. Its intuitive and simple operation and controls allow you to easily set up even difficult-to-process materials, with extremely fast tool-free changeover to new types of wires.

Fast, simple operation

The intuitive TopTouch operating software guides the user through the process logically. During production, operators have maximum transparency thanks to simple adjustment settings for important parameters. This makes the Kappa machines especially intuitive and safe to operate.

Automatic diameter detection

The sensor-enabled wire diameter and cross-section detection makes it possible to set up and parameterize new wire materials at the push of a button. The unique, tool-free measuring principle reduces time-consuming setup to a minimum, while cut losses are also minimized thanks to the optical wire monitoring. The laser sensor continuously checks and immediately detects wire ends and stripping errors during production.

Versatile integration and interfaces

Peripheral devices such as wire feeding systems, markers or deposition units can be integrated easily as standard. Up to four peripheral devices can be controlled depending on the model. The machines also have a USB port for:

  • data backup
  • software upgrades
  • product and wire import as CSV files product and wire import as CSV files

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