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Lubricant Oil & Cleaning

Bonderite C-AK 1520A ALKALINE Cleaner
Henkel C-AK 1520A ALKALINE
Henkel Adhesive

Use to cleansing parts for metals such as grease, dirt, clay sediments.

Special products is non-corrosive metal and rust layer for metal parts.


(Known as Parco Cleaner 1520A )

 Parco ®Cleaner 1520A™ Two package, low temperature, liquid cleaner formulated to prepare ferrous, zinc and aluminum surfaces to receive uniform, dense, crystalline conversion coatings. Alkaline cleaners

Main components: 2-Aminoethanol 141-43-5

Physical state: Liquid
Color: Yellow
Odor: Slight
Odor threshold: Not available.
pH: 12.8
Vapor pressure: Not determined

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