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Body Under Schutz V Black Paint
Body Under Schutz V Black
BODY UNDER SCHUTZ V is a special coating with special formulations from the ISAMU Paint from Japan, which has a special effect to reduce rust protection for chassis and body.

★ Excellent rust proofing
Increase life time of underbody by restraining occurrence of rust, especially for sea-coast, off-road and etc.

★ Protection
Protect the body from stone chips by thick film which absorb a shock.
Rust proof and protection for underbody of passenger car, heavy vehicle or dump truck

★ Noise reduction

Reduce the noise rom underbody while driving.

Main components: Polymer, anti rust components, color, solvent

Drying time: 30minutes with touch and 24hour with harden

Quanity: 1L use for 1-1.2m², thichnes: 0.2µm.

Color: Black

1) Remove oil, moisture and dirt from surface
2) Spray by schutz gun, chipping gun or air less spray gun which are suitable for high viscosity paint

1. Mix well to be uniform condition before use.
2. Waste cloth which paint attached, lump of paint or spray dust may ignite spontaneously. Soak them in water until discard.
3. Be careful as the paint reacts with air and the surface may become dry and clumpy.
4. Lifting may occur if repeat coating without enough flash off time.
5. For details, please refer SDS.

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