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Wire harness processing machines

BenchTop crimper KOMAX BT712

The BT 712 BenchTop crimper is a precise semi-automatic crimper press with great functionality and big benefits to users, all at good value for the money.

  • Quick changeover, setup and cycle times
  • Active quality monitoring even during setup
  • Minimal material used during setup
  • Integrated crimp force analysis CFA/CFA+
  • Easy to operate with TopTouch
  • Saving of machine and processing parameters
  • Good/bad sorting through the elimination of bad crimps

Areas of application

With the semi-automatic bt 712 crimper, it is no problem to do quality-monitored crimping of individual strands and multi-pole cables even with short stripping lengths. Commercially available crimp tools can be used for processing (contact feed from left and rear).

Optimum operation

The device is operated from the color touch screen with software that is available in multiple languages. TopTouch is an icon-based graphical user interface that lets users operate the device quickly and logically.


The integrated CFA/CFA+ crimp force analysis and bad crimp cutter monitor the crimping process

to ensure a high-quality end product. Quality measurements can be made mandatory when

production is set up. Production is not released until the measured values match the specified ones. Just

  • one crimp is needed for referencing integrated crimp force analysis. This feature minimizes the material used and the setup time.

Technical Data


Cross section range

up to 6 mm² (AWG10)*

Crimp force

20 kN (2 tons)

Adjustable crimp height

+5.00/-3.00 mm


0.01 mm

Repeat accuracy

+/-0.01 mm


programmable 10 – 40 mm

Cycle time (crimping)

0.3 sec

Applications of Komax BT712

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us via 024 3791 8248 (Ha Noi) and 028 62910432 (Ho Chi Minh City)

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