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Industrial Adhesives

Anaerobic AY-1011 adhesive
Adhesive Alteco

High performance

In the absence of air, the product starts to cure at room temperature

Single component

These products exhibit high adhesion to metallic substrates

For bonding metal parts

For thread locking, retaining, and structural bondingHighly reliableExcellent thermal, moisture, environmental, and chemical resistance

Environmental friendly

Solvent free / EU RoHS compliant

Applicability Features Applicable Products
Thread-locking Adhesives In the absence of air on metal surfaces (typically metal bolts & nuts), the product starts to cure at room temperature AY-1011、AY-1021、AY-1031、
Retaining compound ・Designed to bond non-threaded cylindrical parts
・The product cures in the absence of air between close fitted metal joints and prevents loosing and leakage from vibration and shock
Structural Adhesives ・W/WO ALTECO activator, excellent bonding on a wide variety of materials
・Typical applications are magnet bonding, speaker, electric motor, small engine, and transformer assembly

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