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Industrial Tape

Airtight and Watertight Double-Sided Tape Sekisui No.747WT
Sekisui Tape
Please refer below information

Suitable to fill spaces between joints and to close up openings on a building site

This tape's adhesion and durability are approved by NYG, Japan Fiber Reinforced Cement Sidings Manufacturers Association.
The adhesion remains stable at low and high temperatures ( From -10 to 60 degrees Celsius ).
An acrylic adhesive used in this tape makes it possible for users to work without staining a working place and their hands.
An unwinding force is so weak that this tape can be very easily pulled out and be torn by hand.

747 ENG

・Stick the No.747 tape to a window frame in the following order.
(1)Lower part ⇒(2)Sides⇒(3)Upper part
・Don't remove a release liner of the tape

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