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Industrial Adhesives

Adhesive Hardloc M-600-08A&B
Hardloc M-600-08A&B
Adhesive Denka
1kg/can, 2.5kg/can

Speakers, golf clubs, sheet metal adhesion, etc…

A denatured acrylate-based structural adhesive of the 2-component type, developed by our own technologies as a global front-runner.

This is a structural adhesive classified as a second-generation acrylic (SGA) adhesive.

In its 30-odd year history of field use since it was put on sale, there has been constant pursuit for higher performance, and development for reliability.

It is comprised of acrylic resins and acrylic olygomer (rubber), for strength and tenacity.

It is well balanced, offering excellent adhesive characteristics (shear, impact, and peeling).

It is extremely workable (normal temperature quick-hardening type, readiness for rough two-component mixing ratios, adhesiveness on oily surfaces, etc.).

It is available in: low-odor as well as heat-dissipation and flame-retardant types.


HARDLOC Brochure (General) (JAPANESE ONLY)(414KB)

HARDLOC Brochure (Sheet metal) (JAPANESE ONLY)(650KB

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