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Wire harness processing machines

With many years experience in the industry, we have been a leading manufacturer of the world's choose dealers and distributors in Vietnam for the product lines such as wire stripper, Crimper, Cut & strip, automatic tape dispenser and automatic label dispenser of Komax, Yaesu, Brother branch.

For product line Komax, Yaesu, Brother  have selected our company be representative distribution, warranty, maintenance for all their line products in Vietnam. Following the best quality from famous maker, we offer a variety of solutions with the motto "bring the best quality and service to you " hence customers will be pleased and happy with our service and products.

For product line  Komax, Yaesu, Brother  will bring many different solutions to reduce the stage and perform labor is not needed in their production process.

For Komax, Yaesu, Brother  famous in the world, you will be advised of the the solution and stamp printer, the size of labels, use appropriate environment to maximize cost and improve the quality of their business.

Semi-auto stripping machine KOMAX Mira 230/230Q
Semi-auto stripping machine Komax Mira 32
Semi-auto stripping machine Komax Mira 340/340Q
Semi-auto stripping machine Komax Mira 440/440SF
Coaxial Wire Stripper Komax Cosmic 42R
BenchTop crimper Komax BT722
BenchTop crimper KOMAX BT712
BenchTop crimper KOMAX BT752
Crimp to Crimp KOMAX Alpha 530
Komax Crimp to Crimp Alpha 550
Komax Crimp to Crimp Gamma 450
Komax Crimp to Crimp Gamma 255

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