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Mold Release Agent

With many years' experience in manufacturing extruded rubber materials, plastics, composites and metals such as aluminum, zinc, magnesium ... We always bring the best solution and meet the diverse needs for various molding technology. With the support and advice of professional and technical training products, we have strong knowledge consulting solutions to fit the needs of the customer. Along the companionship of this field, we provide the raw mold release agent as follows:

+ Mold release agent for rubber.

+ Mold release agent for plastic.

+ Mold release agent for plastic composite (FRP).

+ Mold release agent for casting aluminum, zinc, magnesium.

The products are manufactured by the leading manufacturers in Japan:   Daifree - Daikin, Taihokozai, Lurolene - Aoki Science, Shinetsu, Momentive.

Mold Release agent Daifree GW-250
Mold Release agent Daifree GW-200
Mold Release agent WFR- 53S
Mold Release agent DAIFREE GA 7550
Mold Release agent Daifree GW-201
Mold release agent for rubber Daifree GW-251
Mold release agent Daifree GA-7500
Heicast A & Heicast B
Mold Release Agent High Viscosity Silicone Type
Mold Release Agent Low Viscosity Silicone
Mold Release Agent Lecithin Oil Type
Mold Release agent DAIFREE GW 4500

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