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Lubricant Oil & Cleaning

With many years experience in manufacturing mechanical, manufacturing, surface materials for metal, plastic, tools and machinery. We always bring the best the solution to meet wide range of demands for the lubrication technology and detergent as follows:

+ Lubricant for bearings, shafts, couplings of machinery.

+ Heat-resistant lubricants for industrial machinery, food machinery, tools knife.

+ Cleaning for rubber molding presses, plastic molding, rubber molding.

+ Cleaning for grease, rust, dust and dirt for metal parts.

+ Cleaning for painting, plating.

The products are manufactured by the leading manufacturers in Japan: Suneco- Taiyo Chemical, NS- Lubricant, Sanyo Chemical, Taihokozai, Natioal Trading.

Cleaner metal molds for rubber and steel
Cutting fluid National N-cool 1250N
Metal Cleaner
Parts & Brake Cleaner
Strong Parts & Brake Cleaner SUPER MAX
Deposit Cleaner for Injection Mold
Electronics Parts Cleaner
Sabes SP 500/ Sabes SP 4L
Mold Cleaner for Aluminum Mold Die Casting
Silicone grease G501
Bonderite C-AK 1520A ALKALINE Cleaner

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