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Industrial Tape

With many years experience in industrial production of materials for adhesive the solution for the materials. We always offer the best solutions to to meet wide range of and tape in electronics manufacturing, automotive, packaging. We have strong knowledge consulting the solution to in accordance with the needs of the customer. We supply all kinds of adhesive tape as follows:

+ OPP packing tape, Krapt.

+ Double-sided tape.

+ Tapes Masking tape

+ Silicone Tape

+ Heat resistant tape.

The products are manufactured by the leading manufacturers in Japan: Sekisui, TERAOKA, Kamoi, Nichiban, Chukoh and Thai tape (tape Thailand).

Sekisui Tough light tape No.835
Double-faced Adhesive Tape No. 5747AS
Washi tape Kamoi No.220
Polyethylene cloth adhesive tape Teraoka No.4101
Plasticised P.V.C. Floor Marking Tape Tesa No. 4169
Sekisui Cutlon Tape No.810
Fluoroplastic Tape Chukoh ASF - 115 MX
Cloth tape Sekisui No.600
Fluoroplastic Tape Chukoh API-114A FR series
Kamoi KABUKI Masking tape
Fluoroplastic Tape Chukoh AGF - 100 FR series
Masking tape Nichiban No.2311

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