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Anti Rust & Coating Agent

With many years experience in manufacturing mechanical, manufacturing, surface coating materials for metal, plastic, tool .... We always bring the best solution and to meet wide range of technology demands for antirust, surface coating as follows:

+ Anti-rust metal for details.

+ Anti-rust for mold.

+ Anti-rust for machinery, tools, Tool.

+ Surface coatings chemical resistant, heat resistant.

+ Fluorine coating.

The products are manufactured by the leading manufacturers in Japan: NS- Lubricant, Sanyo Chemical, Taihokozai, Noda Screen, Kanto Chemical, Shinetsu, Momentive.

Fluorine coating Noda screen
Seal Peel
Micro Check (Cleaner, Penetration, Development)
PN55 (Rust proof penetrating oil)
Rust preventive oil and fluid Rustcoat
Rust Proof Penetrating Oil Peneton A
Ion Coat Hard Shield Premium
Navi wax excellent glossdurable
Leak Foamer /NK Foamer
Rust Jet
Klin Weld YE
Klin Weld SE

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