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Customer Policies

Qualiserv (Group) operations is being based on the guidance and support of customers so we  always try our best to provide the raw materials, products and best services in order to ensure the best benefits of partners and customers. We understand that only the willingness cooperation and mutual understanding between the two parties will bring good results and deeply relationship for both sides. Thus, Qualiserv (Group) always take the prestige as core values for all of our activities. Thanks for your time to attend our policy with details follow as:

Product Information

Qualiserv (Group) provides properly the product that is genuine product and clear origins of the prestigious manufacturers in the industry. When you have a desire about materials or products, all information details of product will be mutually discussed and endorsed by both parties. If customers want to validate that we have the right to provide that product, please do not hesitate contact us.

Sample: Qualiserv (Group) is willing to provide samples for customer’s testing and reference, please contact Qualiserv (Group) to get samples which you want.

Pricing Information

Qualiersv (Group) offers a wide range of materials, machinery, measurement tools, different chemicals hence our price be based on the product information and each period. Please contact us to get the best price.

Delivery Information

Qualiserv (Group) always strive to serve quality delivery and receipt to customers with quickest and most efficient. Each of the goods, Qualiserv (Group) has provided a different delivery and period. Please contact us to Qualiserv (Group) to get accurate time.

Payment Information

Qualiserv (Group) always strive to create a favorable condition for your payments for commodities upon your payment policy and characteristics of goods but the period of payment shall not exceed 30 days from the date of receipt of invoice. Please contact to us to get your paymentterms.

Document and Tax Information

Qualiserv (Group) always strives to make the procedures and tax documents upon customer’s requirement which depend on the Vietnam’scommercial law and the latest version of International Commerce Terms (INCOTEM). Please contact us to get moredetailed information.

Product Warranty Information

Qualiserv (Group) is committed to serve and support the customer service after sales of goods the best service. Qualiserv (Group) properly guarantee for all of commodities be warranted under warranty standards by the manufacturer. Please contact us for detailed information warranty of each product category.

Other Information

Qualiserv (Group) are always working to improve their best service to all customers. In case of force majeure, we will be willingness to corporate with you to handle clearly the problem with our deeply relationship. We make every attempt to avoid errors in pricing, productinformation, shipping, and product availability. If a mistakeoccurs, we reserve the right to correct it, and we apologizefor the inconvenience it may cause.

Qualiserv (Group) are always happy to consult and answer all of customer’s relevant questions.

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