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Qualiserv (Group) profile

Qualiserv (Group) network systems officially have been established in the end of 2010, based on on trust and sustainable cooperation of its partners and customers. With our network systems help us to provide materials for manufacturing main fields such as electronic, automotive, rubber - plastic injection, cutting technology, surface treatment, machine, tools for additional these field and of course more others new products for consumers ….


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Main Business:

     + Electronic Materials;

     + Automotive Materials ;

     + Industrial Chemicals;

     + Rubber – Plastic Materials;

     + Safety labor – Clean room;

     + Tape & Protective Film;

     + Machines & Tools;

     + New materials in other fields.

Member of Qualiserv (Group)

      + Head office in Japan: Sertim Co., Ltd

      + Head in Vietnam: Qualiserv (Vietnam) Co., Ltd

      + Head in Cambodia: Qualiserv (Cambodia) Co., Ltd


     - Provide the value of new products and the best service to customers based on trust relationships existing


     - Create the valued benefit based on handling to sourcing materials, production cost and other relevant cost

       in procedure of control products.

     - Expanding and promoting closed relationships with customers and partners.

Management policies

     - Providing various products & best services from all over the world to customers in Japan, Vietnam and


     - Constantly strive to improve ourselves for growth, develop value-added for the benefit of society.

     - Efforts to strive to improve corporate value and emphasizing the business value related to the

       development of society and

       the global environment.


     - Respect the needs and interests of our customers, partners.

     - Always as a bridge trusted partner of customers and manufacturers.

     - Actively promote exchanges, enthusiastic, accelerate the pace of each track challenges with customers

       and partners.

     - Each member is always self-promoting efforts focus on improving the capacity of the professional working

       environment, equality and development on derive mutual benefits.

     - Always pursuing towards a community environment is responsible for ensuring the development and

        benefits for members.

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